Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gyprock Delivered

We went for an Australia Day visit to our build and found insulation installed and gyprock delivered. We also found sandstone caps and posts installed.

Walk in pantry sliding door cavity installed

Coffered ceiling frame in media room

Sexy Jazz cornice for main living areas

Sandstone caps and posts ready for painting

Let the gyprocking begin!!!


  1. You'll have walls next time you pop in! How excitement!

    It's funny though, when you have those walls, you kinda miss being able to see right from one end of the house to the other. . . sniff.

  2. Yep walls will be very exciting Jo.

    Funny you should metion missing seeing through them...we don't have that nice view to the front from the pantry anymore!

  3. Maybe you can knock some holes through some walls when you move in? Maybe a spycam at the front door with a monitor IN the pantry!

  4. Spycam sounds good Jo...we can pretend we are not at home when certain people come to the door! Not you of course unless your not holding a bottle of sauv blanc hee hee.