Saturday, January 23, 2010

Electrical, air con and vacuum ducts roughed in

Lots of action this week. Electricals, air con and vacuum ducts have been roughed in. Gyprocking starts next week.

Air con duct in Dining room

This poor guy is installing the indoor aircon unit under our black tiles in 40 degree heat.

Right rear speaker cable in media room

Left rear speaker cable in media room

Vacuum ducting


  1. Wow! Yeah!!! Action!!! It's all coming along very nicely. . . their speaker cable looks a lot like ours, so MUST be top quality.

    Did they get all the power points, lights and switches in the right place?

    Bet you can't wait till next weekend, to see some gyprock. . . oh yeah!

  2. Glad you like the pic of the speaker cable...John took it just for you Jo.
    Have had to chase up a couple of Lights that might be missing above the vanities but everything else seems to be is sure easy to miss something!!Took us 2 attempts.
    Yep can't wait to see the gyprock.