Monday, February 8, 2010

We have stairs - picfest

Lots of good progress this week, stairs are in, doors and architrave delivered.
Going great guns Cavalier!!!


  1. Oh yay! Gorgeous stairs. . . and thank goodness you're having them carpeted! Less bruises when falling down them after much wine!

  2. Ha Ha.I am hoping the carpet will help muffle the sound of DS when he bounds up & down the stairs...he sounds like a herd of elephants!!

  3. Looking great! Never noticed the view before. Is that open field going to stay that way, or are there additional homes set to go in there eventually?

  4. It's actually a golf course & they have a 100 year lease so I think it will stay like that!
    Unfortunately we look out to what they call 'the rough' so it's not as green & manicured as other parts but still a great view.