Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bricks Started!!!

Brick laying started on Monday but rain slowed things down a bit by Thursday. Still happy with progress and workmanship.

Rain rain go away!!!


  1. I posted something on here a few days ago, it mustn't have worked :( ... anyways, I love your bricks, they look beautiful. It's nice to see someone else has chosen the same ones. We also went for a driveby past your place the other day and found where you were. Perfect spot. I love camden acres, you must be so happy with your home and also the area. Can't wait to see more of it in the future.

  2. Thanks Fee we are happy with them too & they seem to be a popular brick around Camden Acres.Thanks for visiting our house sorry we wern't home he,he.
    Yep we are really happy with the area.We took our 2 dogs there the other week & walked around the was nice to get a feel of the area & the dogs thought it was great,new place to sniff around!
    Can't wait to see the progress when we visit on the weekend.

  3. Hehe :D. Yeah, we knocked and knocked, must've been when you took your doggies for a walk. What type of puppies do you have?

  4. Yes I should install a door bell!
    Max is a maltese x & Hannah is a shih tzu x.They are both rescue dogs.We should have taken a pic of them outside the time!

  5. Cool... would love to see them :D.