Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ready To Pour

Preparation for our slab continued this week and concrete will be poured on Tuesday. Fingers crossed for good weather.


  1. A TAP, A TAP! YOU GOT A TAP! Was it as exciting as you thought it'd be?

  2. Yes it was... YAY!! If I had the skills I was going to photoshop it purple...just to stir you up ha ha.
    Would you believe that John didn't want to include the pic of the tap!!!!!!!!! He just doesn't get it!

  3. OH MY GAWD! Men eh! Phil was the same. . . "what do you want a picture of a tap for?" Erm. . . derrrr! Who wouldn't have a pic of their tap on their blog!

    Actually, now we've got two taps! Yay! And there's a copper pipe sticking out the other sideo of the house for a third! yay.

    Yes, I would have been V jealous if you had a purple tap. . . however, would have busted you when we visit your block next time!!!