Sunday, August 30, 2009

Clay Pavers

We found some bargain clay pavers from Austral. They are driveway quality at $15.75 per m2. We are planning to do 60 m2 - the header course in brown and the main area in grey herringbone pattern. They come in 4 different colours and designed to go with most of their bricks.


  1. I love them, they match well together... How is it all going for you?

  2. Thanks Fee, we love them too & the price is a real bargain!
    Our plans should come out of council this week so not long now till we start YAY.
    We had our kitchen appointment on Saturday with Cobbitty Grove Kitchens.It went well & we are getting a quote on a few extra's but will depend on how much extra $$ it costs!
    We decided to go for gloss poly... i was a bit worried about finger marks showing but it looks so good & I noticed that you are having it so It must be a good choice!!
    Will let you know when we get a start

  3. Congratulations on your approval. You must be getting so excited... the butterflies start in your tummy yet?

    Yeah, we got white gloss poly. When we had our appointment, I was leaning more towards the satin look, but both Mark and Anita said that the gloss looks so much swisher ;D. So we got the gloss. I am glad that we got it now. I think that you would get fingerprints on both though, no kiddies touching the cupboards, or the walls, or the ... haha!!! Do you have any kids?

  4. Thanks Fee,Yep getting excited now even though we have built a few times before it still feels like the first time!
    Yeah we saw samples of the different finishes & you could see fingerprints on all of them. I'm a bit older than you (45)so my 2 boys are all grown up now...well older don't know about grown up ha ha...22 & 24 years.The 22 yr old still lives at home & I have told him he has to only touch the handles & he just rolled his eyes...boys!! So I have been through all that kiddies touching everthing stage but I tell you it never really stops when they get older!!
    Now I work with them in childcare aahhh.
    BTW I noticed that you are a you work in the camden area as I will be looking for a new one when we move out there... we are renting at Illawong atm.