Sunday, June 21, 2009

Plants on ebay

We are still waiting on drawings and engineers report etc so I thought I'd share my gardening ideas. I've been buying plants on ebay with a view to advancing them in the backyard of our rental in Illawong ahead of moving into our build which could be 9 months or a year away. Yesterday I potted 29 already advanced Clivias into 13 X 200mm pots which I bought on ebay for $24 and picked up.
The tallest are half fence height.

I have also bought 10 dwarf 'Strawberry Ice' Agapanthus which I have potted into large pots and ended up with 15 after separating a few.They were a bit more pricey, being a new variety at $39 + $13 delivery.

Yet to arrive are:
70 dwarf Japanese Box - $200 + $45 delivery,
20 Nandina - $30 + $13 delivery,
100 X 100mm pots and carry trays for Dwarf Japanese Box and Nandina which come in tiny 50mm pots - $60 + $13 delivery.

I already have a good collection of potted plants from bonsai to 2 metre Ficus Benjamina so will enjoy my mini Nursery.

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